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Artists, 2003-2006. Photo series: Approximately 30 photographs.

This portrait series was compiled while Čirkinagić’ was a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He photographed approximately 30 guest artists, such as Deniel Buren, Dan Graham, Adrian Piper, John Armleder, Katharina Grosse and Terry Winters. Juxtaposing one image showing the subject (the artist) and next showing the absence of the artist, is a simple way of addressing the idea of an artist’s aura.

As a young art student Čirkinagić explained his motivation behind the project: “When I was studying, I could not stand the way artists were looked upon as if they were some kind of holy cows, whose aura will glow among us for years after they are gone. Public opinion has always put artists on a pedestal. I knew that, but it still seemed awkward when this artist glorification was supported by some of my fellow students and professors who themselves are professional artists. In my opinion, artists are merely ordinary people who are capable of creating strange and sometimes beautiful things”.

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