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K13, 2013. Sculpture: glass, 3.5 m x 1.7 m. 

K13 is a site-specific sculpture installed in the forest close to the beach for an outdoor sculpture exhibition. The inspiration for this translucent monolith-like sculpture made of coloured glass, came from the war novel Kaputt by Curzio Malaparte. The colour scale that dominates the sculpture, refers to Malaparte’s description of the skin of Jews who suffocated during transportation to the Nazi extermination camps in World War II. In a particular part of the book, Malaparte describes how the skin colour of dead bodies changes from light pink to turquoise. The colour palette, which ranges from cold to warm tones, also refers to the sunset, in that way  juxtaposing the human and the cosmic body, which induces a universal and transcendent perspective to human tragedy. 

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