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KPTM, 2010. Installation: Hi-fi equipment, variable size. 

KPTM is an installation consisting only of hi-fi equipment playing a selection of classical music. This seemingly non-conflictive artwork derives from a socio-political concept that takes its point of departure in a distinct critique of the Danish repatriation law. In 2012, when the work was shown for the first time, the law was amended with the purpose of making it more appealing to foreigners to leave Denmark.

The allowance the state was willing to give foreigners from selected countries, such as Iraq, Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who decided to return to their countries of origin, was increased. The hi-fi equipment used in the installation in 2012 had a value of approximately 75,000 € , which was equivalent to the amount the artist’s family at that time would receive if they agreed to leave Denmark. Ten years later, when the work was shown for the second time, the repatriation compensation had increased by more than 30%, and the value of the hi-fi equipment used in the artwork had grown equally.  

The music played on the equipment was classical music by composers such as Béla Bartók, Frédéric Chopin, Sergej Prokofjev and Igor Stravinsky, who all spent parts of their lives away from their home country. The compositions selected for the artwork were all composed in exile. Even the music selected for the playlist was produced while the conductors and musicians were exiled. 

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